Hello!!! My name is Heather Wight and I am a lover of life, a free spirit, and an outgoing gal who loves the outdoors! I started photographing in high school learning film and dark room techniques. I had never been a very artistic person but the images, moments, and emotion I was able to capture, through my camera, made me see a entirely different side of art. I graduated from Hallmark Institute of Photography in 2008 as a professional certified photographer. Upon graduation, I packed my bags and moved to Hawaii to start my photography and travels.

Now, I call San Diego, California home and I LOVE the beauty this city offers. I love my job and appreciate the people I meet, the places I go, and the spontaneity in every shoot. I enjoy those raw moments in life and I do my very best to capture those moments. There's beauty in every person and my goal is to capture that spark in you! Don't be shy, contact me!                                  

 ♥ Heather

    Fun Facts:

  • I lived in 5 different states and visited Japan for 3 months in 7 years
  • I have two Boxers that are children and forever my babies
  • I love the beach and force of the ocean
  • I love beach combing with my husband 
  • Need to be by water; Lake or Ocean works
  • I eloped and told my family 2 weeks later I was married
  • I am Regional Manager for Pixster Photo Booth and love the people I work with!  
  • I talk a lot and tell the same story over...so deal with it ;)
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